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We are a team of telemarketers who are committed to bringing you a space on the internet that is for and by telemarketers. This site exists as a form of solidarity for all kinds of callers. What we also hope to accomplish through this site is to help you get advice from other people working the same job as you so that you can feel edified and empowered through your work.

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We exist to bring you the very best in advice concerning telemarketing. We know that this job is extremely difficult to do day in and day out. What is more, it’s even more difficult to do this job well. When you call someone, it’s basically like you start in the hole and have to climb out of it all on your own.

We want you (and all telemarketers) to succeed in their line of work. That’s why we created this site – to give you the most cutting edge tips and tricks so that you can excel at your job.

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