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B2B telemarketing

Telemarketing — the skill of king-makers

B2B telemarketingWelcome to that's wholly devoted to the subject of telemarketing as used by companies marketing to other businesses.

On this web site we offer many articles containing tips and newfound facts on telemarketing... and little else.

The goal has been to help decision-makers understand telemarketing better and give tools for overcoming the problems associated with the hardships and problems of marketing by phone.

Telemarketing can be extremely efficient and inexpensive if used correctly. Its bad name comes from the consumer sector to which it ill suits in our opinion.

But as a method of acquiring business from other businesses, telemarketing is possibly the best of all marketing avenues.

I'm assuming that you're on this web site because you want to utilise telemarketing within your company. For that purpose, I'll ask you to bear with me a while, go through the information on this page patiently and then choose your article from the directory below.

Thank you. Now the first hurdle on the way to successful telemarketing is that few of us know exactly what "telemarketing" actually IS.

Obvious as it may seem, one needs to DEFINE what one wants in order to maximise the chances of achieving it, right?

So, let's start by examining whether or not you and I mean the same thing with the concept of "telemarketing."


Definition of telemarketing

Business-to-business telemarketing is essentially marketing conducted via the medium of the telephone.

"Marketing" in itself is the act of bringing a service or product (or combination thereof) to the intended market or target group and creating a need for it among those we want as clients.

Some people rather indiscriminately call ANY outbound calling "telemarketing" but in reality there are other forms of telephone work which cannot exactly be included in the concept of telemarketing.

Telesales is sales, not marketing. Client-satisfaction interviews conducted by phone are equally not specifically marketing... although both activities are definitely RELATED to telemarketing.

Personally, I would exclude "cold calling" from telemarketing also, specifically if it's executed without a cleverly planned approach AND a unique message.

While such cold calling can produce leads, it is extremely inefficient and can promote a negative image of your company inadvertently.

Telemarketing should be a carefully planned activity whose strategy and tactics are spot-on. It should be effective so that telemarketers succeed and your company secures an edge over the competition.

So, what is the definition of "telemarketing?"

When we speak of B2B telemarketing we mean...

"the act of contacting preselected members of your intended target group either for prospecting or presentation of your services/goods for the purpose of creating interest."

In other words, B2B telemarketing covers prospecting — the act of finding those who are potential buyers and need your services/goods and have the power to decide where their company buys these goods/services — as well as those actions that follow the initial contact if done via a phone.


Telemarketing guide for the business-to-business sector

This web site aims to act as a guide for businesses engaged in B2B sales of any kind. The main areas of utilization of these telemarketing techniques are

- prospecting by telemarketing
- using telemarketing presentations to qualify prospects
- ensuring the prospect learns the value and unique benefits of your services and/or products
- preparing them for a sales meeting, and, if desired,
- booking sales meetings for your sales expert with maximum time-efficiency so he won't have to PREPARE leads for sales at all.

On top of these subjects, we will also investigate the barriers which impede telemarketing (and traditional telemarketing in particular) from obtaining the expected results both in terms of quality and quantity.

Thank you for visiting our site and enjoy the articles — see the article directory below.

Please bookmark it for future reference.

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Articles on telemarketing for B2B

B2B telemarketing results — what a carefully planned telemarketing activity can do for your income and profits

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B2B telemarketing — planning your approach

When contacting the B2B sector with telemarketing, the APPROACH you choose is all-important to your success.

The correct telemarketing approach — learn how to plan your telemarketing so it works best...

B2B telemarketing — finding out what interests the prospect

Unless you know EXACTLY what your target group wants, thinks, needs, dislikes, knows (and doesn't know), understands (and doesn't understand), is interested in (or bored by), then you will waste a lot of efforts and expense with your telemarketing. Reversely, if you find out these things exactly then the success ratio of your telemarketers will increase tremendously...

How to find out what interests your target group most so you can plan your telemarketing and ensure a good success ratio for your telemarketers.

B2B telemarketing — hiring & training telemarketers

Hiring and training your telemarketers will greatly influence the success and permanence of your telemarketing activity. Here are a few tips on what to look for when hiring telemarketers... and some pointers on how to train them for your telemarketing actions.

Read how to hire and train telemarketers for your B2B telemarketing activity.

B2B telemarketing — supervising telemarketers

No business activity runs long without supervision and this is especially the case with telemarketing. On daily basis, telemarketers face dozens of potentially crippling insults, any of which can be enough for them to quit or become ineffective.

Tips on how to supervise telemarketers to maximise the success and results of your B2B telemarketing activity.

B2B telemarketing — outsourcing telemarketing activities

So, what about outsourcing your telemarketing activity, finding one of those telemarketing companies to do the job so you won't have to bother hiring and babysitting telemarketers? Well, it can be a good thing but please read this article before you outsource your telemarketing...

Read this about outsourced telemarketing solutions before you go out to ask for quotes on B2B telemarketing — you'll want to know this...

B2B telemarketing — creating the script for telemarketers

How do you create the best possible telemarketing script for your telemarketer? An awful lot depends on that script... it's absolutely crucial in governing the success ratio of your telemarketing activity. Here are a few tips on what to consider when creating a telemarketing script...

Read how to create a telemarketing script for your telemarketers to maximise the efficiency and results of your B2B telemarketing

Important data about telemarketing calling lists

The accuracy and actuality of your calling list will definitely have an effect on the results (and longevity) of your telemarketing activity. Here are a few tips on telemarketing calling lists...

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Telemarketing combined with direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing can be a very effective medium to combine with telemarketing. This article explains how to use direct mailing to ensure better reception for your telemarketer.

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Acquiring telemarketing equipment and/or telemarketing software

Telemarketing can be done in many ways and for a business that's NOT a professional telemarketing service provider, the question is always how much investment is sensible when it comes to telemarketing equipment, both hardware and software.

Click here to read about telemarketing equipment and software to evaluate the benefits versus costs for your telemarketing activity

Professional B2B-sector Telemarketing Guide

A straightforward guide on setting up your B2B telemarketing activity or for improving the quality & quantity of results of an existing telemarketing activity. Offers detailed tools and methods on making your telemarketing positive and different from others while creating a market-leading image of your company for the target group.

Read the presentation of the Professional B2B-sector Telemarketing Guide

B2B Telemarketing Result-Optimization Analysis

If your company has a telemarketing activity, this introductory service can evaluate the function and your telemarketing approach so that you can optimise the positive results. Learn how to tweak the activity to utilise its true potential and direct its awesome power toward achieving new clients...

Click here to read the presentation of the B2B Telemarketing Result-Optimization Analysis

Are you interested having us tailor you a unique telemarketing or telesales system complete with ready-to-use teletools, troubleshooting and training manual?

Most business owners do no realize just how many more clients they could obtain by having a professional create them a tailor-made telemarketing / telesales system complete with troubleshooting, training and support. Even at its most modest, one would expect a doubling of results from telemarketing. Just imagine the difference that would make on the bottom line...

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Telemarketing projects for call centerAre you a telemarketing firm / call centre looking for new assignments?

We offer certain tested projects for telemarketing and telesales experts or call centers. If you are looking for a very profitable and secure assignment, it might be well worth getting in communication with us.

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